Josie Joan's is a collection of high quality accessories designed for little ladies of all ages.
Established in 2017, we are a home-grown brand created in Melbourne Australia.
We are committed to creating little pieces that not only have their own story but will help bring joy and inspiration to your everyday life helping you create the memories you love.
Each piece has been designed with style and comfort in mind, using fabulous art fabrics which have been carefully sourced from the most well known designers around the world.
Our dream is to one day become a house hold brand that people know and love.
Hi there, I’m Rebecca, mother of two beautiful children that have led me down this road and taken me on this whirl wind adventure of starting my own little business.

I always wanted to start something of my very own, something that brought out the creative side of my mind.
It had to be unique, beautiful and couldn't cost the earth. I wanted to make something that i thought would be used by children all over the world and wasn't already sitting on the shelf of main stream stores everywhere.
When my daughter Marlo was born with a head full of hair
I found myself searching day in and day out, for beautiful hair clips that i could use to hold back her whispy hair.  Although hair accessories seemed to be everywhere in abundance, i never found any i truly loved.
She also seemed to need so many. One set was never enough!
So in my search to find the perfect hair clips and many of them, Josie Joan's was created.
Named after my grandmother (Josephine) and my mother (Joan), i felt it fitting that i name my very first adventure after the two woman who played the biggest part in bringing me into this world.
I have found a way to combine my need for a product with my passion and determination to start something of my very own. 

The very thought of walking down the road past a little girl wearing something i had created literally fills me with joy.
Josie Joan's looks forward to becoming a part of every little girls accessories
Thank you for helping me follow my dreams.